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Eltings Online

Elting Family Email List

Elting family members who have email are welcome to participate in the Eltings Online automated email list. Whenever one of the group's members sends an email to the list it is automatically distributed to the entire group. It's a good way to keep informed about items of interest to all Eltings, and to get to know one another.

If you are interested in joining the Eltings Online Email list, use the link above to register. Once you are a member, you may also view the email archive on that page.

Eltings of the World.......Unite!

Come join us on Facebook! This is a great way for you to meet and stay in touch with your family and distant relatives! We will use it to broadcast messages to all the members about family reunions and other special events.

(Note) If the link above does not take you directly to our Group page, use the search within Facebook and look for Eltings of the World)

Huguenot Street

If you have questions about genealogy, what's happening on Huguenot Street, or just want to introduce yourself to the Dutch and Huguenot descendants of Huguenot Street, please visit the Huguenot Street website.



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