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From the History of Ulster County, 1880

Mathusalem Elting 1801 - 1872

Mathusalem Elting was born in the town of New Paltz, Ulster Co., N.Y., Feb. 19, 1801. He descends in direct line from 1st, Roelif Eltinge, who came from Holland and settled in Kingston, then called Wiltwyck. 2nd, Roelof J. Elting, his son, Mathusalem Eltingmarried Sarah, daughter of Abraham DuBois, eldest child of Louis DuBois, one of the original patentees of New Paltz, by whom he had three children, viz.: Josiah, Noah, and Margaret. 3rd, Josiah Elting, married Magdalen DuBois; five children, viz.: Abraham, Roelof J., Solomon, Cornelius, and Catherintje. 4th, Abraham Elting married Dinah DuBois; five children, viz.: Josiah, Hendricus, Noah, Philip, and ----; and by his second wife three children, viz.: Jacobus, Janetje, and Magdalene. 5th, Philip, youngest son of above by first wife, married Catherine Elting, his cousin, and daughter of Roelof J., by whom he had eight children, as follows: Maria, Rebecca, Dinah, Magdalene, Moses, Mathusalem, Jesse, and Gertrude.

Mathusalem Elting, the sixth child of Philip and Catherine Elting, was a farmer by occupation, and a man of more than ordinary prominence in the community where he spent his days. He received only a common-school education. In politics he was identified with the Whig and Republican parties; took an active interest in town and county affairs; was supervisor of New Paltz a number of years, and was one of the original directors in the Huguenot Bank. Upon his resignation of that position in July, 1871, resolutions highly complimentary to him as an officer and citizen were passed by the officers of that institution. He was a large-hearted man, always noticed children with a kind look or word, and not a few remember the rides they caught to school with "Uncle Mathusalem." He married, March 1, 1828, Magdalen LeFevre, daughter of Philip LeFevre. Mrs. Elting was born Nov. 20, 1803. They have had six children, two of whom died in infancy. The record of the others is as follows: Catherine, born March 1, 1829. Philip P., born Sept. 28, 1836, married Sept. 26, 1860, Harriet Hasbrouck, who was born July 25, 1836; their children are Evalyne R., born Feb. 20, 1866, died July 12, 1869; Howard, born Feb 15, 1869; Magdalena, born Jan. 31, 1872; and Philip Sherman, born Nov. 26, 1875. Philip P. Elting died March 7, 1876. Jesse M., born April 1, 1839, married June 23, 1869, Mary, daughter of Dr. James H. and Martha (Geary) McLaury. Mrs. Elting was born in the city of New York, March 24, 1841. They have two children, viz., Mabel, born May 31, 1870; Arthur Graham, born Aug. 26, 1876. They live at the "village homestead" in New Paltz; Solomon, born April 8, 1841.

Mr. Elting died July 28, 1872. His wife survives him, and lives with her daughter Catherine and son Solomon at the "farm homestead" in New Paltz.

Note: Some of the genealogical information appears to be incorrect.

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