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From the History of Ulster County, 1880

Jacob Elting 1803 - 1889

Jacob Elting
Jacob Elting
This gentleman is the lineal descendant of Jan Elting, who was the father of Roelof, who was the father of Roelof J., who was the father of Josiah, who was the father of Roelof J., who was the father of Ezekiel, who was the father of Jacob. Roelof J., his grandfather, was born January, 1737. Married Mary Lowe, March 15, 1760. The latter was born Aug. 17, 1738. Their children were Rebecca, Josiah, Ezekiel, Solomon, Magdalene, Sarah, Catherine, Jane, Roelof, and Maria. Ezekiel, his father, was born in New Paltz, in the old stone house opposite the present residence of Jesse Elting, son of Jacob, Oct. 9, 1763. He married Magdalene Elting, daughter of Abraham and Dinah (DuBois) Elting, March 22, 1787. His wife was a lineal descendant of Louis DuBois, the Walloon. Their children were Dinah, Solomon, Maria, Sarah, Catherine, Jacob, Jane and Alexander. All were married except Sarah. All are deceased except Jacob.

Ezekiel Elting was for many years a merchant in New Paltz village; he was also engaged in the manufacture of potash, and carried on a farm. He was a man of correct business habits, of strict integrity, always ready to lend a helping hand to worthy young men, but most intolerant of wrong-doing in any one. A man of excellent judgment, his advice was often sought by his neighbors. He was a Federalist in politics. He died Dec. 18, 1842. His wife died Jan. 8, 1834.

Jacob Elting was born in the town of New Paltz, in the house now occupied by Jesse M. Elting, March 27, 1803. His boyhood was spent upon his fatherís farm and in his store. With the exception of one term at the Esopus select school, his education was limited to an attendance at the district school of New Paltz. He has been twice married. His first wife was Gitty LeFever, daughter of Simon and Elizabeth (Deyo) LeFever, to whom he was married Jan. 13, 1827. Mrs. Elting was born June 10, 1805. Their children were Magdalene, born Feb. 19, 1829; died Sept. 8, 1841. Philip D., born March 2, 1830; married Sarah LeFever; is a farmer in New Paltz. Elizabeth, born March 20, 1833; living at home. Ezekiel, born April 5, 1836; twice married; first wife was Catherine B. Hulbert, his second was Laura B. Gale. Jesse, born Sept. 23, 1838; married Maria Elting; he is a farmer living in New Paltz village. Mrs. Elting died Feb. 19, 1841.

Mr. Elting married for his second wife Elizabeth LeFever, July 30, 1842. Mrs. Elting was born March 12, 1805. She was the daughter of Peter and Magdalene (Elting) LeFever. By this union there were three children: Gertrude M., born Oct. 2, 1843; wife of Charles M. Harcourt, a farmer and fruit-grower in Lloyd. Peter, born Dec. 5, 1845; married Carrie Davis. Ezekiel and Peter are merchants in Yonkers, N.Y. Jacob, born Dec. 2, 1848, works the home-farm.

In 1839, Mr. Elting purchased of Elida Watkins the farm in Lloyd formerly owned by his uncle Solomon, and here he has spent the latter half of his life. The house in which he lives, a substantial brick structure, was built in 1800. It was remodeled by Mr. Elting in 1849. For a number of years, Mr. Elting has given over the conduct of the farm to his son Jacob. In politics he has been identified with the Republican party. He has been for many years a member of the Reformed Dutch Church at New Paltz.

Upright and honorable in all his dealings, liberal towards all benevolent enterprises, genial and affable in his social life, Mr. Elting enjoys in the largest measure the esteem and confidence of the entire community in which he has spent his days.

Note: Some of the genealogical information appears to be incorrect.

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