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Family Association Membership

You are invited to become a member of the Bevier-Elting Family Association and the Huguenot Historical Society. Membership is open to anyone interested in the aims of the Society:

"To preserve Huguenot Street and its ancient houses, to promote educational values for the future by maintaining a record of civilization through the conservation of historic buildings, period furnishings, traditional crafts, documentary resources and natural environment."

Privileges of Membership:
bulletParticipation in all Bevier-Elting Family Association and Society programs and meetings.
bulletBevier-Elting Family Association and Huguenot Historical Society newsletters, mailings and announcements.
bulletFree entry to museums on presentation of your membership card.
bulletThe satisfaction of sharing an important and educational project to preserve our heritage.

Download a membership form to print and mail with your check:

bulletAdobe Acrobat  PDF format: Membership form.pdf



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