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* $35,000---YES, that is a lot of money! But, recognizing that the Historic Structures Report (HSR) is the basis for restoration and furnishing each of the houses on Huguenot Street, the Bevier-Elting Family Association has approved $10,000 to anchor our fundraising campaign.

Now we all need to pitch in and make this a reality so that the Huguenot Historical Society can use the HSR not only as a basic source of information for restoration projects, but to help our stone house qualify for restoration and furnishing grants. 

We have just completed four decades of being the only "two families" association on Huguenot Street. Much was accomplished in those forty years, but much more remains to be done. We now have a unique opportunity to complete a project that will help to guarantee that our descendants will still be treasuring the house another century from now. 

All we need is $25,000 more! Your donations are tax deductible. Every penny will help us move this thermometer to the top!

Help us reach our goal to finance the Historic Structures Report for the Bevier-Elting Stone House on Huguenot Street.

Donations - Historic Structures Report:
$25.00 $50.00 $100.00 $500.00
If you are able to contribute more than $500, please contact the B-EFA president at
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Dr. Frederick Gilkey
Esther Aldridge
Richard Lundy
Lahna Neely (Memorial to Alta Koch)
Robert Heisler (3) (Memorial to Barbara Sacks)
James Wiese
Edith Elting (2) (Memorial to James L. Houlihan)
Lloyd Dent
Louis R. Witt
Alice Hanson (Memorial to Alta Koch)
Carol Richardson
Debbie Spencer
Richard C. Bevier
Robert Cornell (Memorial to Thelma Isabelle Bevier Cornell)
Grace Castle (4) 
(Memorial to Edna Coons Elting Badger) 
(In Memory of Everett and "Toddie" Elting)
(In memory of James and Cora (Beere) Elting)
(In memory of Bernie Elting)
Stephen Urion (Memorial to Kendall Urion)
Dale & Helen Bevier
Thomas Bump
Mordelo Breckenridge
Pat and Judy Elting (Memorial to Edna Coons Elting Badger)
Tari Utterback, Gene Messman and Kyle Utterback (Birthday gift to Grace E. Castle)
Ann Castle (2) 
(In honor of her mother, Martha Calvert, for Mother's Day and for her birthday)
Kip C. Bevier Lee (In memory of Kenneth and Charles Hasbrouck)
Kent Wilson
Theola Wilson
Ty Cary
Emily Johnson
Georgia Richardson
Luke Wesley Elting
Bruce McWilliams
Brinton Cary
Kyle Utterback
David Wiese
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Nancy and Merl Moore, Jr.
Harold J. Elting

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