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Lewis Coe Bevier wrote the following letters to his parents in 1862. Spelling and punctuation are as they appear in the original text.

Washington Aug 31, 1862
Sunday morning
Dear Parents,

I now take the pleasure to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope that these few lines find you the same. I rote you a letter last Thursday the 28 of august 1862. Now I am sitting in my tent a riting this letter and rains like fun and Charls DuBois sits a looking on. We just got done a eating our breakfast we had bread and bitter coffee it goes badly. When we got in new york the other day their was a cupple of ladies their a giving out testaments. I got one and lewis dillon sits over in one corner a reading his testament with his pipe in his mouth. The news came last night that stone wall Jackson and all his army was taken prisoners yesterday. Our boys took Manassess Junction. I think if that is so about stone wall Jackson this war wont last long. Me and Charles DuBois and Lewis Dillon and Marcellous Wiggant and Clarke Palmiteer tents together. They dident give me no shirt yet. I went to the captains tent yesterday and told him I wanted a shirt so Jimey Hyde gave me one os hisn. Yesterday we had green corn and pork and beans for dinner we had bread of corse.

You must rite weather you received that last letter or not you must rite as soon as you receive this letter. I sent 10 dollars home with Lon Goatches you must let me know wether you got it or not.

Direct your letters to Lewis C. Bevier
Washington, D.C.
120 Regiment Co. G.

Give my best respect to all the folks. Edgar and Ange and all the rest.

Camped in the Woods Sept. 5, 1862

Dear Parents,

I received yours of the first and was glad to hear that you was all well and I and all the boys are well. Some of the boys are gone out to cut wood. I was out yesterday. Last Wednesday the 44th went past our tents and I seen Ira DuBois and I asked where Isaac was and he said he was in the hospital. He was slightly wounded in the thigh you needent believe he is hurt bad because I asked him in particular and he said he wasnít hurt bad at all. Ira said he was in Alexandria hospital but I shouldnít wonder but that he was in Washington. Silas VanWagner he is in the hospital to he is wounded but I donít know where. Charles Bleekes is in the hospital to he is sick I believe. Ben he is all right I believe. About drilling we havenít drilled atall since we been here all we do is stand around and cut down trees and throw up entrenchmentss right on the hill by us. Yesterday we planted 2 old bull dogs pointing right toward the road. I guess there is 50,000 troops alaying around us. They expect stone wall Jackson around here pretty soon. They had stone wall Jackson surrounded once and you know that McDowell is his brother in law and he went and let him out so they went and looked McDowell up. He had just been shot.

That is all right about the money. I will send home all I can and if you want to use it why let it go you must. Let me know wether you got that money of Jacob. It was one dollar for working at the Parsangs. We have pretty good food here some days we have coffee and bread and meat and some days we have coffee and bread and beans.

I cant think of any thing else at present you must excuse my writing. You must rite as soon as you receive this letter

From your affectionate son

Lewis C. Bevier In Virginia
3 miles south of Alexandria September 13, 1862

Dear Parents,

I received yours of the 10th and was glad to hear that you was all well. Last sunday and sunday night we marched about 15 miles and monday night we had to lay out in the woods with nothing on but or blouses i mean our thin coats we so tired as quick as we layed down we went right to sleep and then Tuesday we marched about 3 miles further south where we are now. Our company just got in from picket we went out last night and had to go about 2 miles from our camp and it did rain pretty hard for alittle while. I rote about Isaac getting wounded in my last letter it is no use trying to get to Washington to see Issac. We are about nine miles from washington. One mile here is about 2 miles of ours up north. I had to stop and eat my breakfast and just got done. Charles Johnston just came in with a piece of cheese and he gave us a piece it goes bullly with bread. I eat apiece of cheese every day if I can get it because it stops a fellow from having the diarea. Company in our regiment took a prisoner the other night he wore white pants brown coat and a hat big enough for an umbrella he was running like fun and they hollowed halt and he stopped and then they hollowed advance and he did so and marched him right up to the colonels tent and kept him their all night and then they took him away I donít know where. The guys is all right. I donít now of any thing else at present you must rite as soon an you receive this letter.

Give my best to all the folks around their tell Jimey he must rite James Terwilliger I mean . we just received our blankets and needle book from their. You must tell them I am much oblige to them who ever sent them.

Jimey hasent gave out the blankets yet but I got a needle book

Direct your letters to

Lewis C. Bevier
Washington DC
120 Regiment Co. G

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